Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My daughter is so big now. She is growing so fast everyday. I am so blessed to have the time to spend with her. Simply lying down with her and watching her sleep. Her eyes would flutter and her lips would twitch into a smile when she had a good dream. She's so happy, her smile is the sweetest. She's just so cute! And everyone says so too. :)

At eight months, my dear girl can sit very well, and is starting to crawl. She still crawls on her tummy, but she can crawl forward very fast when she is motivated to do so, especially when you put a handphone in front of her. Unlike my son at that age, my girl loves putting everything in her mouth, so she is being motivated by greed to get the object in front of her and to put it into her mouth.

She has two lower front teeth, and boy, they are very sharp. Can pierce two holes in your hand when you are not watching. My girl loves to play with her brother. She loves to watch her brother, and always eyes his toys. She isn't interested in her own toys but dying to taste-test her big brother's logo. Yum yum, she must be thinking. Why is my big brother's toys all so delicious?

The big brother goes to school everyday, and his teacher was saying that he daydreams quite a bit when it comes to do work, and during Chinese lessons, he would tend to chit-chat with his friends. Oh dear, lots of bad habits. Hahaha. Otherwise he is still quite shy. So there I was telling his grandpa that we ought to tell his teacher to 'punish' him when he talks out of turn, and the smart little aleck heard me and told me in no uncertain terms that he wants to change class (and change teachers). I forsee trouble when he goes to primary and secondary school next time!

Then I was reading Smootie's blog, and she said her three-year-old son can write and spell. Arrgh, am I going to be a kiasu mother and run around in circles and force my son to be the same?

*bangs head*


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