Thursday, February 05, 2009

We are overwhelmed

The hubby, over a sleepless night, one night, ordered a whole lot more Lego, which came in around 5pm today. Free delivery okay. 4000 pieces, windows and doors, wheels and more wheels. The son's eyes went as round as saucers. I think maybe by the end of the year we would have one of everything. Sheesh.

So I was telling hubby that maybe we should move into a bigger house where we can leave one room just for all the Lego we have.

Yep. That'll be nice right? We can have the train set too.

For me, I shall buy more nice Muji boxes for storage. Now got good excuse. Haha.

Sometimes it's hard not to be envious of Wen. Oh boy, she is really one successful girl. Her hard work really pays off. It's really impressive the things she has acheived. An MBA, a yoga teacher's training cert, an online business as a hobby etc etc. Perhaps the next thing I'd know would be her being featured in some magazine. Heh. Although she has already appeared on the national TV, I guess being in some magazine isn't that a big deal. :P And it's amazing how she can land herself in such a well paying job even when the economy is down in the dumps. That's what I call really fortunate. Or maybe it's her destiny. She always tells me that her fate is to work very hard to earn her money. Me? I doubt I can ever work that hard.

As it is, with two kids, I am already being overwhelmed. That's what comes of being a Taurus. That is, we don't like working too hard to achieve our comfort zone. :P So I was telling my mom just now that how can I be expected to teach the son since I have to take care of the daughter as well? Who is a big handful as well. So she must come more often and help me! haha.

The son is so Lego-crazed that he doesn't even want to sit still and do any work. Work consists of getting him to write his name (which he did) and do some drawing and colouring (which he didn't really want to). Short attention span. Not interested. Picked up the crayons, squibble a bit and drop the crayon and started walking around the room.

I think next time he isn't going to do very well in school. In the schools here that is. The way I see it, exceling in schools doesn't necessary make you a success in life in the future. So I'm not too worried. As long as he's building all kinds of super duper strange Lego creations. And living his life to the fullest.

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