Sunday, February 01, 2009

Seven months old

My little girl is now seven months old. Well, almost a week ago, that is. Her pearly whites peeked out admid lots of gnawing and salivating, but she survived without any fever or unhappiness on everybody's part. Her big smile is still ever so sweet with a dripping nose to boot. Two bottom teeth. Yay! Big brother, now I can bite you back!

Otherwise, I'm working at the clinic yet again, because everyone else who is smart enough has gone on a holiday. I miss the little one, not the big terror, since he broke his lego the one hundredth time, and I had problems fixing it back. Got a bit upset with him, but I guess legos are supposed to be broken and fix again yeah? Just didn't like that part where he threw his toys all over the place.

My girlfriends' birthdays are here again. Two on the same day, but fortunately they don't celebrate on the same day. Lunch on Sat with PM and Min was nice, and conversation was quite good. Min and her two nephews, PM and her niece and me and my two kids. Who says married women don't get along with singles? haha.

It's a quiet day today, whoever says our business is recession-proof is really an idiot. Seriously, people will reconsider calling in sick when they are facing axing, and they'll probably grind their teeth and wait in long queues to get cheap services. But looking at the way people are still out shopping, hmm .. one wonders if they're rich or what.

So we have KFC for dinner just now, and I requested for a cripsy thigh and an original wing. Just what came back was totally the opposite. :( So much good it does for my throat and my nose. I'm falling sick yet again.

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