Thursday, July 30, 2009

Being a mommy.

Is like being a contortionist. Feeding the daughter on one side and holding the son's hand on the other side. And the son was sleeping on his mattress on the floor. Next to my bed. I guess having done yoga twists come in handy.

The good news is that I'm starting to get the hang of bringing both of them out. By myself! This morning, after Em woke from her morning nap, I bundled both of them out. Em went into the pram, and I held on to Len's hand tightly. Together we took a stroll to the nearest LRT, then mrted all the way to Central, where I met my mom for lunch. Still too cowardy to do it without mom. Already Em was wanting to be carried by the time we reached our destination. Otherwise if she could stay quietly in her pram, it would be No Problem, Yay.

I must say that the son is getting more and more angelic day by day. He held his sister's hand and helped push the pram. When she got bored, he whipped out his Tomy cars and passed her one (so that she can start banging on the windows in the train! Duh). He smacked the chair for meimei's sake when she hit her head on the seat. heh. My darling son, already protecting his little meimei. And he alawys gets so excited when we take the train. It's becoming very nice and fun to go out with my little boy nowadays. Wanted to bring him out all by himself one of these days, but haven't got the chance to do so yet. Something nice to look forward to. :)

And just in case some pple says I'm neglecting the daughter, everyday when the son goes to school, the few hours I spend with Em all by ourselves. Sometimes we'll go wander around, sometimes I get to stay at home and play with her. Nowadays we try not to let the kids hang around at the clinic, so I've been spending too much money. Arrgh.

We've been thinking of having a third one. I think it's nice to have three. Hubby agrees too. But I really really can't get the idea of living the nine months again. And I've only just got my life back. I can somewhat fit into my nice clothes again, I'm starting to exercise, I'm starting to enjoy the time with my kids, I'm able to run and play with them, and help the hubby with his work. I might even be going back to work in one year's time. Would I be neglecting the two of them if I have one more? *sigh*

Some pple might envy the life we have. But it's not easy, having the hubby working 7 days and working till ten plus at night everyday. When I have to work, the kids will not sleep till I get home. When I'm home, I have to take care of both kids by myself. If my parents help, they will leave by eight. It's starting to get a little easier now, since both kids are getting bigger, but it would be back to square one if we have another one huh. :P

Ah well ...

Little Em sleeps like a ... boy. With her arms thrown wide open. At least bringing them out means they'll both be tired by night. Heh. The son has finally stopped coughing. I guess the pred does the trick, but everytime I have to give him pred, I feel extremely apprehensive. I hope he will be stronger. No more phelgmy coughs! Not sure if he got this one from his school or from swimming in the rain. *sigh* Let's see, on Sat, he swam in the rain. He was fine after that and on Sun he got a bit, just a tiny little bit, of runny nose. On Monday he was fine. He went to school, and when I came back from work that night, Mom told me he was coughing like crazy the whole afternoon. And it went from bad to worse, until we started him on pred on Tues. On Wed, the pred made him super hyper and jumpy. I told hubby that can we just give him a three-day course and lower the dosage? He's also on Flumicil for his phelgm. He's really much better now, almost no cough. Should I let him go to school tomorrow? They're having an excursion. *sigh* Decisions, decisions decisions. Why are kids so vulnerable?

Hubby is also slightly sick. He thinks he might have caught the H1N1 bug too. Except that it must be extremely mild. Just a bit of bodyache and chest tightness. Could also be chronic fatique, or the haze. Am getting the hubby to exercise more often and eat healthier. Sometimes it's just so worrying.

Me and my girl? Both perfectly fine! Heh heh. No bugs to worry us. I hope I don't speak too soon. Had a bad headache today, but it went away after medicated plasters, medicated oil, some massage and a nice dinner. I hope everyone in the family will remain in good health.

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