Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Masak masak

So the hubby relives his second childhood by buying lego. Lots of Lego. We now have pirate set, house set, train set, lots of star-wars and god knows what else.

Me? My second childhood is starting, since having a cute daughter gives me excuses to buy some toys for her, which the hubby didn't think the son should play too much with. But what's wrong with boys playing with cooking? Duh.

So, the kids now have 3 sets of plan toys. Fruits and Vegetables, cooking utensils and vegetable set. I plan to get the tableware set, the breakfast set, the tea set etc ... hmm, that makes almost everything! hahaaha.

Well, the kids love them so far. MM is putting all the food stuffs into her ELC pots and pans (that Min gave), and opening and closing the lid (playing peekaboo with her food!). The son is cooking stuffs for me now. All they need is a stove, a sink, an oven ... whoops.

I prefer plan toys than ELC stuffs, but I must say ELC looks good too. Maybe get the small wooden stove set from ELC ... hmmmm .....

Okie, I seriously like the dolls from The Better Toy Store, but I think my girl doesn't appreciate dolls. heh. Err, can I buy one for myself? :P

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