Thursday, July 02, 2009

Being pleased

I'm so pleased with myself. Heh. Okie, so sometimes I whine a lot in my posts, so here's something encouraging for me. Hahaha.

1. Bought a total of four pairs of shoes during the GSS. One from Stuart Weisman, a nice orangy one, one from Tods, open-toed; then I just must walk over to Hogan, and they were having a 50% sale. How can anyone resist? Veron: quick go there too! Got a gold sandals there (was thinking of the white one, and the saleslady was soooo helpful: why don't you get both?). And the final pair was a sports running shoes from Nike.

All because the shoes I broke within the month were:
1. my pair of old Nike sports running shoes from like 10 years ago. The bottom came off while I was running, and I had to throw them in the bin.
2. My birkies (damn, not to be confused with the Birkin!). Very nice denim material. I suspect it broke because ... well, maybe because hubby liked to wear them sometimes when he was too lazy to take out his slippers! Nah .. probably because I twist my feet once too often.
3. My very well-worn white pair of sandals from ColeHann, the one I liked so much that I was actually thinking of ordering from the states when I found that they didn't have my size anymore. GOod thing they restocked. Stupid salesgirl, lousy service though.

3 pairs of shoes within a month. So I'll need to get some to replace them ya? :P

Unfortunately no more pretty red and black ballerina. *sigh* The colour was really pretty! Veron really got a good bargain for that!

Another reason for being pleased:

Finally managed to restore the password for hubby's webpage. TOok me long enough. ANd managed to fix the air-con remote controls! Thought we were going to have to throw two away, but yay! THanks to the daughter's ithcy fingers. She loves pressing on the remote controls because she likes the sound it makes. No more remote controls for her!

Other things to be pleased about:

Finally fix window grills for all the windows. Colour a bit suspect, but it's okay, curtains will cover them. Next improvement? MAybe solar film for all the rest of the windows? Or change the living room and stairs curtains? Looks like we won't be selling this lovely place for a while yet.

The daughter had a lovely one year old bday party. Was a bit disappointed as lots of my 'so-called' close friends couldn't make it, but I guess it can't be help, since it's a working day. But others turned up and it was a nice party I guess. I wished I could have had taken some nicer photos with the daughter, but as I was the one cooking the beehoon, I ended up having an oily and shiny forehead! Dear hubby also never tell me. Grrrr.

In fact, I thought it was going to be a disaster, since at the last minute, hubby needed me to work. We closed slightly earlier, went to get the fishballs and sotong balls, collect the cake, bought the chicken wings, rushed home (reached at 6pm) and I started cooking the beehoon. First guest came around 7.20pm, we actually thought no one was going to come! Started our dinner first. heh heh.

The kids had fun in the son's playroom. SO many toys to play with. I should have warned all of them that the violin is not a toy! Now have to get it tuned, and so many hair fell out of the bow! Duh. Was watching some videos for the party earlier, and it made me laughed when I saw the neighbour's kid stealing all the mushmallows from the cake right under my nose! haha. NExt time I'll have to buy him a bag of mushmallows!

I hope the goody bags were nice. Forgot to get input from my friends. Oh well. Prob the next day the kids will have thrown them somewhere. I know my son has. For all the goody bags he got in the past, and even the one I gave him. In my haste, I actually forgot to buy drinks for the kids. Last year I bought packet milo. THis year I truely forgot. Good thing some kids like green tea. hahahaha.

Been busy. PHotos next time!

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