Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sick sick sick

Does having a blocked and stuffy nose count as sick? I can't remember how long my nose is so stuffed, has it been more than a week? I think I was sniffing a bit on Saturday. It's just so annoying!

The kids are finally asleep. I've put them in separate rooms so that they won't wake each other up when they wake up. There isn't really much time for me to rest, have to start preparing for dinner. Am going to try making the steamed tofu egg my neighbour recommended. Plus vege soup and sotong balls. I went down to my favourite Japanese supermarket and bought crab meat too! Will make crab meat balls soon! :)
They actually do free delivery for $50 and above! Now why can't NTUC does that too.

Just a few quick things about my daughter. She knows to call me mama and to call her father papa. And she can apparently climb up the stairs.

More later ...

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