Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More April Stories

My girl just gave me a lovely tooth mark on my tummy. She crawled over to me yesterday, snuggled her head under my shirt, and proceeded to take a big bite on my tummy. Her one sharp top tooth now has its mark on my tummy. Next to my belly button. Yes, it bled, a bit. Then she gave me a toothy grin. I bet she must be taking revenge on mummy for posting her nude big bum photo on facebook.

My girl can wave her hands when she wants to say goodbye. She got the cutest and sweetest smile. She wrinkles up her eyes and nose when she smiles. And she has dimples. We must try to catch those dimples of hers one day, before she grows up and they disappear. Do dimples actually disappear?

She can crawl very fast nowadays, and can call papa and mama very well. Just now when I went to the toilet and left her with her brother (the brother was supposed to take care of her), the little girl crawled to the edge of the bed and kept yelling for mama. Naughty stuffs about her: she absolutely cannot sit in the pram. Cries her head off. Needs to be carried. Very very tiring. Very hard to go shopping with her.

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