Thursday, April 23, 2009

My wish list

Happy birthday to my dearest hubby. Unfortunately I did not have any presents for him, just a yummy cake, which we finished it a while ago when the kids were sleeping. Another cake from Shangri La. Nowadays cakes come in so many shapes and sizes, and can cost up to $300! Talk about indulgence. We saw one made completely in the shape of a fire-truck. A real fire-truck, 3D. Not a round cake with a picture of a fire-truck, but a fire-truck. Very cute. Very ex.

Not that dear hubby didn't have any presents for himself though. He bought a whole bunch of legos again. I'm sure those were for himself, not for the son. He only gave the son one set, and squirrelled the rest away some place. Every month something from Lego. Second childhood. Yup.

For me, what do I want for my birthday? Let me count.

1. A new Tods wallet. Time to change wallets. Heh. Went scouting around, and maybe I'll get the white one. Next month.

2. Chopard happy diamonds. A necklace which hubby said he'll get for me. He always says that when he's in a good mood. Just that we have never gotten around to shop. Plus the bloody chopard flagship store is a bit too intimidating.

That's all. I don't really have anything I really want. I'm really happy with what I have now. My two lovely kids, my family and my friends. Life sure is good. :)

But if anyone is giving me presents. Please please please do not give me any more lotions and creames. I still have the crabtree and evelyn hand creames from Wen many many birthdays back, and lots of origins lotions. Heh.

Otherwise, I need time for myself. To go for a nice back massage and a nice hair spa plus cut. Every night, I stick two of my medicated plasters on my back so that I can survive the next day. The son is extremely heavy and so is the daughter. Have to carry son when crossing the road especially when jaywalking across the road. :P

And I just did a IPL facial. Face felt really smooth and mom commented that face looked good. Heh. Then again, dear hubby said that IPL is basically burning your skin so of course you get immediate effect because the face is slightly SWOLLEN. So everything looked smoother. I know what he meant and I agreed with him, that's why I wasn't too keen to sign on a package of IPL. Heh. Just that I hope it can tighten the pores. We'll see ...

Okie, back to more bejeweled.

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