Sunday, April 12, 2009

April stories

I feel quite depressed. Over the long weekend, all I can do, is to stay at home, with the kids. I'd have liked to bring the kids out, to a park, to the zoo, to the shops or somewhere, but I can't do it alone. Hubby has to work, and he is tired after working. My parents ... *sigh* ... don't talk about them. They are also too tired. Everyone seems to be so tired, all no energy.

Okie, the next best thing I wish I could do is to leave the kids with someone, then I can go out and do my things, like eat with my galfriends, shop, do my hair etc.

But all I can do is to be stuck at home.

And there aren't any nice animes to watch.


So yesterday, I fixed up the Lego house for my son. All morning. He refused to let me cook lunch until I finished it. I was so hungry! Fortunately, his sister was quite cooperative and slept quite a bit in the morning. Here's the end product of his house.

Our dream house. :)

He did help me initially, but after a while, he complained he was tired and went off somewhere to lie down, and when I wanted to stop, he immediately popped right back and demanded that I finished it. What a slave driver!

Unfortunately, the papa had to go to work early yesterday, otherwise it's the papa's job. You see, the papa is the contractor, I'm the architect (so I don't do any work), and the kiddo is actually the blangadashie worker (who also doesn't do any work).

I think the kiddo has way too many lego. We just bought the duplo pirate ship for him to share with his sister. It was supposed to encourage him to bring it with him to swim in the swimming pool. The smart kiddo says that he'll only use it in the bathtub. Humf.

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