Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No head or tail

In the last post, I was writing about how much I like Japanese animes. Okie, that only goes for some of the animes. Very few in fact, which are really good and I like. That also counts for fiction books which I've read. Nowadays I can hardly find any good books to read.

The one I like very much is Natsume Yuujinchou. It's a story about a boy who can see spirits and his interaction with them and the other humans. Some people might find it boring, but I like it because 1, it has great music. And 2. The spirits tell a story which is captivating. The theme is on loneliness and friendship, responsibilty and kindness. It's a peaceful kind of story so far, but hopefully it might get darker.

I like Nodame and Skip Beat because they are so darn funny.

I like Ghost Hunt because it's a mystery-who-dun-it plus also so darn funny.

I like Full Metal Alchemist because the story was really good. The characters were really well-developed, and it made me cry when one of the characters died.

So when the new FMA came out, and I just watched it half an hour ago, I was so disappointed. It was not a continuation of the last one. I wonder what how this one would be like. As it is, the first episode wasn't that great. I wonder why people are all saying so much good things about it. It feels a bit like D Gray Man, and I think DGM is better.

Shucks, I should go finish watching DGM, and re-watch the old FMA.

I like HunterXHunter. These are the more memorable ones. Others come and go.

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