Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quality Time with the Son

So I thought, rather than another day buming at home, playing with more Lego, or playing online games - that's the latest hit, ever since one desperate day, I searched for Lego online games and wala. Can't quite remember the website my neighbour was telling me about, some website with educational online games for preschoolers. Hmm. We were bored with the cdroms I got for him, the most interesting one was at my parents' place.

So rather than just vegetating at home, I decided on a whim to bring my son to the zoo. It involved quite a big upheaval actually, since I just can't go off and leave the daughter with the maid. Have to send her to my parents. And I can't drive the car with the two kids, so the maid has to go along, and she hasn't even done half her chores. *sigh*

Was so angry with her, but that's another story, I think I seriously need to start looking for a new maid. Enough chances.

So off we went, driving the stupid manual car (after stalling a thousand and one times at the traffic lights).

Off we went to the zoo. To see so many animals. And it took us only an hour and a half. I did all the walking, my dear son enjoyed himself being pushed on the pram throughout the whole journey.

A little bubble of a dream burst - the part where he would hold my hands and we would walk together, or he would be running around and smiling happily.

Pushing a pram is very tiring work. Do I wonder why my back ached a lot now?

Within an hour an a half. I'm quite proud to say that we saw a record of animals. Even more so than when we went with hubby.

I think the zoo has too many types of monkey. It just seem to be monkeys and monkeys everywhere. There're chimps, there're orangs, there're the big nosed ones, there're the red butts, there're the black ones, there're the black ones with white hair etc etc. Man, it's really a monkey zoo, no doubt.

We saw the hippos, giraffes, zebras, horses, goats, deers, polar bears, white tigers, lion, parrots, ostrich, flamingos, fish, turtles, and the many many monkeys. The son fell asleep towards the end when we were reaching the exit. I promised him ice-cream when we leave, but he was so sound asleep, that when I asked him if he still wanted one, he only snored in reply. Heh.

He didn't forget my promise when we got home, fortunately I had some quality ice-cream waiting. Japanese strawberry ice-cream. One word. Shiok. :)

Now my back is still hurting while the two kids are sleeping like babies.

No Skip Beat yet, unfortunately.

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