Saturday, March 21, 2009

Almost Nine months post

My darling girl is almost nine months old. Here are a few things she can do.

1. Call papa.

2. Stand with support.

3. Cruise along the sofa.

4. Pulls herself to standing.

5. Takes semi-solid food.

6. Takes a few tottering steps if you hold her hands.

7. Crawls super fast.

And she still has only two bottom teeth.

Last night, the son snatched her new toys from her and was going to scratch her. We scolded him and he cried. The daughter, on seeing her brother cry, started crying too. We told the son to apologise and stop crying. And when the son did that, his sister stopped crying too. We told the son to smile at his sister, he did that, and she smiled back at him.


I think my two kids will be good to each other next time. :)

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