Monday, March 30, 2009

Being ill again.

The son has fallen sick again. The ups and downs of a fever, the hacking cough at night, the cough until vomiting. He's really picking up a lot of germs at school. Heard that a couple of his classmates are sick too. One was even hospitalised.

My dear boy. Fortunately he seems pretty ok in the day. The fever only spiked at night. Same as the cough. One good thing is that he just loves his medicine. So no problem in giving him that. The bad thing is that I might have caught his bug too. Damn bone aching weariness.

It didn't help that I have to work over the weekend. The son was with me on Saturday. And I had a very bad premonition when I saw him sleeping on the couch in the next room. I didn't bring an extra pair of pants for him! Sure enough, and it was even worse. Actually he didn't pee in his pants when he was asleep. Ask me what he did. And it had to be at the point when we were so busy. Shessh. Rolls eyes.

The son has been bedwetting on and off for the past two weeks. I guess we are also at fault. The poor boy had been sick, so I had been watering him lots. And whenever he didn't have much of an appetite for dinner, or when he vomited his dinner because of his cough, I'll make an additional cup of milk for him before he slept. Of course he couldn't empty his bladder before he fell asleep. So last night I let him wear his pullups again, and everyone was happy. Although he woke up in the middle of the night at cried because he thought he wetted his bed again!

The daughter is also slightly sick, with some runny nose and some cough now and then. Didn't sound too serious, so no medicine for her too. I think my kids are pretty strong actually. The son has had all his vaccinations, and has been exposed to super many germs at the clinic. Heh. It'll be the daughter's turn soon.

I wanted to write about some of my girl's antics. But I forgot what they were. :P

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