Saturday, March 21, 2009

One by one, and round and round it goes.

I think it was the son who brought it back. Maybe from school.

Then my mom caught it. It went all the way to macaw. She got it the worst, or maybe because of her bad habits there, it got worse. She had high fever, and she can still gamble and win. She told me she was shivering and thought it was the shiver of excitment since she was winning! The chills! The chills! Brought on by high fever. Lah! And who never listen to me and bring travel medicine, although the last time I've packed for her the medicine too. And they couldn't find any doctor. I told her to call her hotel conciege to get one for her next time. *sigh* What can daugthers do to their hopeless mothers?

So she came back and she was still sick. We started her off with antibiotics. Because she was complaining about the cough.

Then hubby got it. When a guy gets sick, you'd think the whole sky is falling down. Period.

So he started himself with the maximum dose of medicine. Antibiotics, prednisolone, flu medicine, cough medicine and his favourite lozenges. And don't forget to tuck him in at night and keep his chest warm. Heh heh. It's the asthma type of cough.

Then if I remember correctly, I think the son caught it back again. But it didn't last very long. And he kept coughing into my face. Arrgh.

Then I caught it. Mine didn't go into the lungs. It was all stuck in the nose. Blocked nose with evil greenish looking stuffs. For almost a week. And I can't be a sore bear too. *sniff*

Two days ago, everything cleared up. And now my girl seem to be down with it too. She has the throaty cough as well. She vomited a few times. Let's hope tonight won't be too bad. The trick is to keep the chest warm. We have been sleeping without air-con for the past few nights because of this. Fortunately the weather is quite cool. Although the kids end up sweating, especially the head.

I wonder who is going to be next. :P

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