Saturday, March 21, 2009

Making pizza, toys and more.

So I was inspired by a fellow blogger to make pizza.

Sure, I know that if one involves the kids in the cooking, the kids will love to eat the food. Read that in many of those online kiddie help places as well as Dr Sears' books. From time to time, I do that, like for a period of time, I involved my son in making his own breakfast. Basically it only requires him to cut his sachet of milk powder (with his scissors, he loves to do that!) and pouring it out into his tupperware cup, and filling it with warm water (which I've already prepared in another cup. After which we'll stir together for a while, and I'll let him spread his kaya jam on his slice of bread.

Does it work in making him eat? Well, he finishes his breakfast as always. And as always, it's either myself or the maid feeding him spoon by spoon of the milk and piece by piece of the bread. Leave it to him to eat, and it'll be like tomorrow we get to school.

So here we go, making pizza. For your information, I cut everything myself since you just can't rely on the maid to cut the mushrooms, onion, squid and ham to the shape and size you want. Maybe next time I'll let my son do the cutting, if I could get him away from his lego. He was building a house with his daddy while I was preparing lunch!

Spread a spread-spread.

Add a add-add.

More! More!


And there. The finished product.

It still took him forever to eat his pizza. And the maid has to feed him in the end, one piece by one piece. Oh well. He was more interested in his lego, and we just got him hooked on Star Wars.

Here is his Darth Vader, and he was listening to YouTube playing the Darth Vader theme. Nowadays he'll ask you to sing the Darth Vader song when he takes out his Darth Vader and the good guy song when he plays his Republic solders.

And I just bought him R2-D2 on Friday. Ran all the way down to the shop to get it. Cost me bloody almost $20 for one tiny piece! Who says I'm bias and only write about my daughter? Cheh.

Daugther has got two new toys as well. A playmobile shed with a truck. See, you can actually put the different shapes into the roof of the shed. Can't quite see in this pic. And a rattle. When the son was at this age, he wasn't too keen on toys, but my girl just loves to play with toys. Especially her brother's. And she sure loves to play with this set, because her brother immediately took over it when we got home. Haha.

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