Thursday, March 19, 2009

New stuffs

Gosh, blogger offers so many new gadgets nowadays. I'm so backwards. Put up a playlist like Wen, but can't really find any music I like. At least I don't autorun it (yet). *grins* I still prefer my anime music. Favourite currently is the Skip Beat ending theme (the new one) and Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou ending theme. Listening on repeat. Bliss.

New stuffs. My dear girl is standing quite well now (with support) and she's really keen to walk (with support). She's becoming quite impossible too, if you put her down and leave her alone, she'll cry her eyes out. Nothing much to report about the son, not that I'm being bias or so. Am usually too tired to write about his many antics. The latest being when he was supposed to practise his violin, the cheeky boy came out with many cheeky positions on where to place the violin (at rest position). Is it here? - On his head. Nope. Is it here? - Behind his backside. Nope. Is it here? - Under his foot. Nope. He can become a first-rate actor if he ever overcome his shyness in front of people. LOL.

Need to do lots of housekeeping though.

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