Friday, March 13, 2009

How sianness can rub off from one to another.

So today I was looking forward to spending time alone with my dear daughter in the morning. Maybe both of us could catch some nice nap and some quality time together. I could tidy up the house a bit too. In the afternoon, my father would send the son back from school and he'd dabao my favourite teochew meepok. Yum yum. My day is set. My mouth watered to think of the delicious fishball noodles.

Then when it was time to leave, the son cried and cried and refused to go without me. The hubby was helpless to do anything as usual, plus it was already so late to do anything else, so all my beautiful plans fell flat on my face.

I fed my daughter to get her to sleep. But the son does his dinosaur tramping and up and awake and bushy eyed the girl became. Right now the bad boy is soaking himself in his meimei's tub, kicking his legs and splashing about in the water. I check on him from time to time, because it's never safe for kids to be alone with water. Am trying to get him out but it'll only lead to tears and beatings. *sigh* Oh well, at least some peace for me out here to type a sianness post, the only harm is pruned fingers.

When a girl is sian, she cheers herself up with ice-cream and chocolates and shopping therapy. Yay shopping! When a guy is sian, he lies in bed all day and mopes about, practically spreading the gloom. It's all the fault of a person, so annoying actually. I told him to forget it and try to make up, but he refused. Oh well, I've tried. It's no wonder no one wants to hang out with that person. It's probably all my fault again. Ha, but I'm zen now.

All I need is a break from my two kids. Yoga. Arrgh, I need to go back to Yoga.

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