Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beauty is more than just skin deep

So I hadn't seen Wen for a very long time. That day when we met up for her birthday, it was like a few months since I last saw her. Oh boy, I must say, she looked real good. Her skin was glowing. No fine lines, very smooth skin. Yep, was definitely impressed. And her secret? Collagen pills.

Rewind a few weeks before that. My mother was telling me all about this drink she was taking. Some collagen thingy. Supposed to make the skin smooth and supple etc etc. I listened with half a ear and the words floated over my head.

After that one glimpse of Wen, I was reminded of what my mom said.

Fast forward a few weeks after that. My mom started talking about the drink she was taking again. This time I was more interested. Then she started saying that all my aunties were taking them. This time my ears twitched. Then she continued saying that both my cousins were taking them. Now my cousins are one one year older than me and one four years younger than me. This time my brain went into active drive. Okay, I want to take them too. It's kind of like, hey, you know, your cousin P is also taking them. Implied, how come you don't know? Why aren't you taking them too? My cousin P is very pretty, by the way.

After so many years, maybe I'm still a bit jealous. :P

Not sure if that is my mom's intention to make me take this collagen drink. Haha. What a strange mom.

So I bought a box off her, and am now finishing my second box. The Fancl drink. All natural. Wen said that's the most expensive in the market. I don't know about that, never looked around the prices. But I remember ten years ago, mind you, ten years ago when we were in the early twenties, I had a classmate who was on Imedeen, and her skin glowed too.

So I am convinced that there is some effect, to a certain extent. For sure, my skin does feel less dehydrated. And smoother. And I'm still waiting for someone who hasn't seem me for a long time to comment on how good I look. Haha. Maybe that may not happen. :P

The hubby wasn't convinced that taking collagen worked. He was reminded of some examination question which was posed to him when he was a student and the answer was that there was no scientific proof that it worked by taking collagen. Heck, who cares. He agreed that if you think it does, then just do it. I loved my hubby when he is like that. Heh. After all, now that I'm not working, he is paying for it, in a way.

Beauty, to a woman, is the most important thing. For sure, I don't want to look old and haggard, and it is very easy to become that when you are so busy looking after the kids and don't go to work anymore.

Man, I'm becoming a very Auntie-like figure now. Always in T-shirts and jeans/shorts and hanging out with all the old aunties and old uncles at the fruit section in the NTUC-supermarket, waiting for the store-assistants to bring out the fresh apples and oranges. Then all of us will elbow each other and pick and choose the apples and oranges. It's kinda fun actually. And I'll have my girl with me in my carrier doing just that. And most people thought she is a little boy. Duh.

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