Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Real World

Reality sinks in when the paycheck for this month did not come in. One has to tighten one's belt very much. No more impromptu Japanese dinners or dim sum lunches, or spending money without blinking an eye. There is actually a feeling of responsibility of how the money is to be spent. Goodbye to the carefree days.

The plus part is that I get to spend more times with the kids, which sometimes I think is driving me mad too. Every morning, we'll drop the older in his class, then go to the clinic with the younger in tow. If she's in a good mood, I get to clear a few things, order a few things and write a few cheques. More often than not, she's been quite uncooperative, and my hands and shoulders ache from carrying her. We then proceed to pick the older up and have lunch together, and depending on my mood, we'll either cab home or go back together. Instructions are usually given to the maid to prepare dinner, and I roll up my sleeves and start cooking the moment I get home. Feed the kids, bathe them and put them to sleep by 9. Damn tiring.

The older is learning the violin, and I got a bad feeling that it'll probably not last. He's getting so stuborn and uncooperative as well, and all he wants to do everyday is to play his Lego. Fix this and that for him which he proceeds to destroy after a while, then have to fix more.

My parents have been recharged after a 5-day cruise holiday, so I spent the whole of yesterday and last night watching The Twelve Kingdoms. That is my only entertainment and so-called 'holiday'. When was the last time I've caught such a captivating and interesting anime? I'm so happy today, and a bit tired. :P

Life is still quite promising, despite not working.

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