Monday, January 05, 2009

Year 2009

Happy New Year.

Why do people say that? It's going to be a really bad year this year. I hope things won't get too bad for us though, what with us becoming a single income family. *sigh* But kids can't stop growing. And time is the a luxury.

The son has started not wearing diapers to bed anymore. I think out of 7 nights, there are 'accidents' in 4 nights. And we use lots of those blue sheets too. Hmm. It's very hard to wake him up in the middle of the night to pee. He goes all jellyfish on me. And he's really really too heavy to be carried. We have to make sure he pees before sleeping, but that doesn't always work very well.

Now to get his bedtime back to normal. By nine-thirty, it's all lights off. Don't care if he's not sleepy, we just lie in bed and pretend to sleep. If meimei is cooperative, the son usually sleeps quite soon after that. Otherwise, have to go to plan B.

Don't ask me what plan B is. I'm losing lots of hair nowadays.

We spent our New Year's eve at the Fullerton. With a $500 plus plus plus per head dinner. Definitely over-rated, but still very nice. I was enjoying my very fat and big piece of foie gras and sipping my delicious red wine, when suddenly my girl started crying and I got a bit agitated and stuffed the whole piece into my mouth. Oh, my regrets! Never never ever stuff foie gras into mouth! I almost gagged. Arrgh.

I was agitated not because of my girl's crying. My threshold has become very high. But it was more because the MIL was casting disapproving looks. I can't remember exactly what happened, but I think dear hubby was carrying her at that time. I could feel evil curses down my back. Hahah.

The son was extremely well behaved though. Ate his dinner properly all by himself like a real gentleman. He got expensive taste. Definitely. He got extremely shy when he saw so many people, and took a long time to warm up to his cousins. By that time, it was time to go home, and he wanted to stay overnight with them. After the fireworks at the rooftop, he was all ready to sleep with them in their bed, but there was a catch. Mummy must stay with him too. Whoops. It was an hour's jam out of the place though.

As with all good things, they don't last. History repeated itself. Everyone was happy during the festive season, hubby felt that it was good to get together with his family, who hasn't seen the niece and newphew for a long time. I mean, if one doesn't try, then one's relations would disappear. However a few days later, the angry phone call came in (the last time last year was a personal visit), and everybody got upset again. I really wonder what she is thinking of. Bipolar I think. Too happy cannot. Must always be angry. I am not really involved this time, but I bet I'm the evil wife all over again.

I'm not upset at all about it, but I'm recording this to remember. It's good to remember these things. I bet she got worried because after hearing that I'm going to stop work for a while. Yep, I'll steal all the money from her. Shessh.

I'm starting cloth nappies for my daughter in the day. A bit messy when she poos, but otherwise quite ok. Am thinking of getting bumwear for her, but still considering it since going cloth is supposed to be cutting costs, and buying expensive bumwear might just defeat that purpose. Oh well. Will have to get another diaper cover though. She's still on diapers at night and when we go out, so may not be a good idea to get bumwear after all.

My daugther is so cute! And so pretty. Heh. I've got quite a lot of photos of her too, just that I'm not going to put any in my blog nowadays. So check out my facebook (if I ever get my lazy bum to post) or my com. Heh. She smiles the ever sweetest smile and is sooo cuddly. I don't show any favourtism to either of them, it's just that the son is at the demanding stage and so I tend to spend more energy with him. For the girl, I have so much fun buying pretty and expensive clothes and toys for her. heh heh. And she isn't so demanding yet, so basically it seems like I'm spending less time with her. However, I'm not working now as opposed to was working the last time, so I think the time I gave to both of them would probably be about the same after all.

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