Monday, December 08, 2008

Family and Friends

Today, we went to my aunt's place for dinner. A whole day with both kids out of my hair. The son was very happy with my cousins. There were Lego, drawings, and what-nots. The daughter was being happily carried by all my aunts. There was good food, nice air-con room where I can surf and play all day. When was the last time I felt so bored?


Bored. Bored enough to be playing games in facebook. :P That's what someone commented. I should have just taken the chance to go for a spa huh.

Anyway, it makes me realise that I'm really happy to have my two kids. I think I will not exchange anything for my life right now. Even though, sometimes I have regrets, of not being able to go far in my career, of not having time to do my stuffs like study a Masters, or ... I dunno. But it all pales in comparision when at the end of the day I have a darling husband and two darling little kids.

Come next year I will stop work for a while and spend time with the kids. It's a bit hard to let go, since no work = no money. It means I have to really cut down on spending. And going out. And I hope I will not end up being too down and dumpy. Humf. I shall play more piano and learn violin with my son, and carefully consider the options of what I really want in life.

It's really hard, in a way.

Min is away in HK for a much needed holiday. Shessh, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss talking to her online!

Nowadays, the number of friends I have seem to be dwindling.


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