Thursday, November 27, 2008

Learning points

I've learnt that, when writing (or trying to write) a novel ...

1. one should not rush the story. It comes as it wants to.

2. writing in first person narrative is difficult.

3. 50 000 words is a killer. It's actually more than a hundred over pages. Was it two hundred? I forgot.

4. writing from existing characters is difficult. Because one has to keep to character, otherwise why write using existing characters?

5. I'm really bad at my tenses.

Posting here, because no face to go post in the LJ. Haha.

I'm that kind of person who writes a few lines then go and check the word count. Haha. I think I may not continue writing the story after November. No incentive. No motivation. As it is, I dunno why I'm even continuing to write, since there's no way I can magick up 40k words in 3 days, especially I have to work for the next few days.

I'm not even thinking of editing the story yet.

The other thing which I had been thinking about.

It takes a certain kind of person and age to like a gucci bag.


I've been shopping around with my mother, because she wants to get a bag. She said that 20 years ago, she bought a gucci bag for $300. She was shocked at the prices now. I said that a nice leather Tods bag cost over 2k. What does she expect? Duh.

So we went shopping at Gucci. I think I might start to like Gucci bags too. Heh. Wen already got one right? I want one too. :P Someday. Maybe when I'm slightly older. It takes a mature (aka taitai) look to carry a Gucci bag.

The last thing.

I was a bit irritated. No, very much irritated, when my mom told me that somebody said that in times of this economic crisis, people should dig out their savings and spend. Spend. Spend. Spend. To stimulate the economy. Go for spas, fine dining etc etc. Can't quite remember what exactly, mom told me that quite a while back.

I was quite pissed off because.

1. We don't really need you to tell us what to do, do we?

2. More importantly. Of all the things to say. It's true that we should spend money to stimulate the economy, but to tell us to dig into our savings is rather ridiculous right? After all, savings are for like old-age, health-care or for more important stuffs, and not frivolous stuffs. And what with all the increase in basic necessities, GST not even lowered, and the risk of retrenchment, or pay-cuts or people already losing money in shares (not for me, mind you), I think it's rather insensitive and ... well, it just doesn't go down well with me. I mean, after all, you aren't going to take care of us when we're old and enfeebled right? You'd rather agree to euthanasia and for everyone to work until we die. Do not fall sick. Do not pass goal. You are to work for the economy only. And work for our pay.

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