Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tempers a bit short

When one is with the kids all day long at home, one can eventually be driven up the wall.

Especially when the older is hyper-active and digs out toys after toys after toys, and the younger somehow just cries all day. And you want to do the spring cleaning.


My back hurts. I can't go for my massage cos' who is going to take care of both kids? Mom complains a lot when I leave both of them with her. My back hurts from carrying the younger one. Trust me. She's heavy. The difference between her and her brother is that she's so much softer (not so firm, muscles that is) at that age.

I need a haircut and a proper hair treatment. So I ended up cutting my fringe myself, and making a mess out of it, because the younger was crying at the same time. Did my aloe vera hair treatment though. Gosh, when was the last time I did that? I remember last time Wen and I were crazy enough to even buy candlenuts, fry them and put on hair. Heh. I missed a papaya wrap though. That was really good.

I missed a nice massage and a nice wrap and a nice hair treatment and a nice pedicure.

So two more medicated plasters for my poor back. I'm afraid to put more than two each time because the last time I did, my son developed some rashes after breastfeeding.

Am so not writing for my NaNo anymore, because by the time I'm free at night, I'm just brain dead and zombified, and all I want to do is to vegetate, read and watch animes.

Favourite anime is Skip Beat. I went to buy the manga. One volume only. In Japanese no less. Because I figured that since the mandarin version is in traditional Chinese characters, it's a bit hard to read anyway, so might as well get the original. I'm against getting the English version anymore, because it's simply too fake. I'll wait for the sale and get the whole series. Yeah, I'm that crazy about it.

But it's really funny.

I like Nodame too. It makes me want to play my piano. Started learning Schubert Sonata in A because the piece was played in the anime. Played really sweetly. Am still learning to play Sibelius Romance Op 24 No 9. It isn't really difficult, more like a Chopin rather than a Liszt. I was afraid it was going to be like a Liszt when I saw Anton Nel's Youtube recording. But the score didn't seem so difficult. I went down to the library to get the score and met Xel for tea. I wish I could get a new piano. Hubby told me to get it tuned, but it's not just the tuning part. *sigh*

It's going to be hard to stop work next year. I don't really want to, but then there's no one to take care of the kids. It's also scary not to be working. The money part, the freedom and expectations.

We got a new car. I'd love to have an audi. I'll miss this old Renault. It's so damn solid. People bang into us also no need to repair. Ha. I remember I banged someone's boot and her boot totally crumbled. My front hardly had a scratch. Hubby had the left back door banged up twice, and never got it repaired. Gosh, four years fly so fast. The car is now making funny noises, that's why hubby wants to get a new car. If it were me, I'll drive till the car is on its last legs.

I'm lucky both my kids sleep through the night.

I need to start losing weight.

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