Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why I hate Lego

Buying a set of lego for 6 to 8 years old is a no-no.

On one side, the little one is screaming her head away just because.

On the other side, the big one is screaming his head away just because.

The little one wants to be carried? Wants to sleep? Is hungry? Is dirty?

The big one's 6-years-old Lego helicopter has its propeller dropped off again x 100 times.

Or the tail dropped off.

Or the propeller dropped off again x 100 times.

*sigh* x 100 times.

Maybe I should just indulge myself with retail therapy and buy that Tods bag.

Luckily I told the son that I dunno how to fix lego. Wait for the daddy to come home and fix for him. Otherwise, the 6-years-old lego helicopter set can change into a fighter jet plane or a propeller plane. And woe be me, if I have to change it for him x 100 times a day.

As it is, I'm fixing the propeller on the helicoper x 100 times already.

Maybe I should go and see what's nice at Tiffany too.

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