Thursday, November 20, 2008

A dismal world

You know your brain isn't functioning very well when you start keying in wrong userid and password. Hmmf.

NaNo has been quite dismal, since I haven't written anything since Sunday. Check out my synopsis here. I really ought to start to write even a bit, but have been busy with other things.

Met up with fellow blogger yesterday. Been a looong time since I've last saw her, except for her pics in MSN. Gosh. The last time I met her face to face was before I had my son! Waah. Talk about super long ago. Was talking about why I don't feel like blogging anymore. Mainly because no one reads my blog. Haha. Then again, another reason was the gag I enforce myself. Can't write about work, can't write about hubby's work, can't write too much about kids, can't post pics of kids, can't write about politics ... so basically there's nothing to write about. My interest blog is on my LJ. I hardly write anything there either. But if you're interested and you know me, drop me an email or MSN. :)

Caught up with the gossip of what other bloggers are doing. Stuffs I used to read last time. Which I don't now, only those links I have on my sidebar. Some of those links also needed to be updated. Well, perhaps when I have more time, I might change a few links over there.

Damn, I get more comments on my posts on my LJ than here. *mutter*

Heh heh.

Anyway ... just a thought ... perhaps what we really want is just an apology for losing the money, instead of a shove-in-your-mouth that you ought to be thankful that there is a profit. WTF.

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