Sunday, November 16, 2008

Long time no post

Yep, long time no post. Been busy with work, the kids, work at the clinic, and finally a new project. Was influenced by some people in LJ and started on NaNo. That is actually a competition, sort-of .. I mean, to write a novel of 50 000 words in one month. In the month of November. That is. Now half the month has gone by, but I don't have 25 000 words yet. Arrgh. I'm way way behind, and I doubt I'll have the time to complete anything.

I'm posting stuffs over at my LJ. So if you wanna read my story, which is basically a fan-fiction, which means I'm using characters based on a published source. Of course credits are given duely to the author. People who know me might know which characters I'm using. Hahah.

I've got a new craze now. I love Skip Beat. :)

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