Friday, August 29, 2008

Phut phut ... the poo index

It's a lovely day today. Let's talk about poo. They come in many different shapes, colours and smell.

My dearest boy is now potty-trained. After a few canings and 'accidents'. I won't really call them accidents you know, after all, poo announces itself quite loudly, it's just that he didn't want to sit on the potty and pooed all over the floor. That's one gross factor 10 plus plus. Nowadays, he'll sit on the potty after announcing that he has a tummyache. And his poo is a LOT. Well formed, nice solid durian-like poo. Feels like durian too. That's what dear hubby said, after he had to pick up his son's poo off the floor. Euuugh.

And while he sits on the potty doing his poo poo, us poor mummies have to sit by him to keep him company and smell his really smelly poo poo. Reason being to make sure he completes his poo poo business, and not get up suddenly and drop the poo poo on the floor. That defeats using the potty right? (Trust me, it happened) So sometimes I'll read him a book (yeah, it's really a big long business), and sometimes I'll tell him a story. Actually I've only sat with him twice. Most times, he's at my parent's place. Timing, you know. Heh.

Now my dear daughter, she poos just about every minute. She sneezes, and phuts. She coughs, and phuts. She hiccs, and phuts. So there I was lifting her little butt, when she phut. The poo shot out with a force of a speeding bullet, fortunately, I had quick reflexes, and could feel the poo shot past the hairs of my arm. Splat, and it landed on the floor mat. Yellow runny eggy stuffs. Gross.

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