Friday, August 29, 2008

My dsyfunctional family

I wanted to go out for dinner to celebrate with my colleagues today, but my mom told me last minute that she wanted to go out and could only take one kid. The bigger one who is easier to bring out. After I've asked if she could take care of them both, and she promised to, and I had told my colleagues that I'll be attending. *sigh*

Now why did she have to go? Today she rushed home so as to pack lunch for her son. Her 28 years old son. Who is going overseas to work. Who wrote out a list of essential things to bring then dump the list with the mother and expected her to get for him. Whose mother had to worry about him getting a flu jab and bringing the appropiate medicines. Who expected the mother to pack his luggage for him.

I do not begrudge my parents going overseas after he settles down, but all these preparations should be done by him himself. So today after my mom rushed home, she called me to say that he would be going for dinner with his friends after all. They were supposed to go shopping for stuffs for him. I mean, can't he even get his own stuffs himself?

And my mother told me that because she was not around, her sons were not able to have breakfast in the morning. Like it's my fault for keeping her away from her sons. Geez. Hey, we aren't talking about school-going children here okay.

Next time, my kids will make breakfast for me and for themselves.

It's not that difficult to take care of both kids actually, just tiring. And hubby doesn't come home till so late. Although I really appreciate my mother helping me with the kids, the way she goes on and on about it sometimes drives one crazy. It's more stressful listening to her.

The government wants its citizens to have more kids, but what's the point of having kids if one does not have time or energy to spend with them? If you don't have time to spend with the kids, don't expect to come home from work and have your children running to hug you because they miss you. Bah, they won't because they don't even recgonise you. And when you're working so hard, by the time you're home and have free time, all you want to do is to rest and have your own personal time. The government wants mothers to have more kids, and continue working after that. Is that going to work?

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