Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Quiet Lunar New Year

So I didn't go to my mother-in-law's place after all. I mean one should stick to one's decision, and besides my parents were behind me all the way. Heh heh. And it was really hubby's idea. No loss. And if I were really the evil one as she thinks I am, I would not have let my boy go as well. Humf.

Anyway, it was nice to rot at home and watch animes. I should have been doing my work, but hey, it's a holiday and I had been working too hard for the past few days. I wished I still had my old animes with me. :( Still upset with hubby for frying my HDD. *sigh*

The rest of the holiday we spent at my parents' place. We played mahjong too! And hubby was slightly better this year. Except that sometimes in the middle of the game, I happened to look at his tiles, and exclaimed,"How come you are one tile short!" It happened a few times. We think he probably forgot to take his tile before discarding. Hahaha. Anyway, for the two days, the overall winner is ME! :) Even after contra-ing off hubby's losses, only me and my younger brother were winning.

My boy really gave me luck though. He came, he sat on my lap, he shuffled my tiles, and he knocked down a few tiles, and hey ... I won a self-picked max round! *beamz*

We opened the clinic yesterday and only had one patient. Guess what actually happened? At four o'clock, we heard the patient banging on the glass door. Yep, dear hubby had forgotten to unlock the main door. *rolls eyes*. Today we realised that somebody did come around two, and the main doors were locked. *bleah* Oh well. :(

Some more funny things about my boy. He opened his ang pows and went tatatadum! as he took out his notes. Plus he went ding! when he found something I forgot what. And when my aunties came around to visit yesterday, Mom told me that he stood and faced the wall and was too shy to look at them, but after a while, he pulled up his own chair and sat in between them and chatted with them like old friends.

So overall, it was a quiet lunar new year. I'm feeling rather down in the dumps for this holiday season doesn't feel like a holiday at all. I didn't even have new clothes to wear, and the lack of meeting up with friends and relatives (every year there are less and less relatives to meet up with) does set the mood, or lack of it. I guess it'll just get worse. In other words, it's really a dull and boring holiday. Maybe I should just go for yoga too. Hmm, I wonder if the spa is opened.

Now I just feel like having Leonidas. The other day I had Calbury's at my mom's place, and those tasted really wierd. Guess my tastebuds have become more refined and cannot take these cheap chocolates anymore. Heh.

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