Friday, December 28, 2007

Come and Go

At a tender age of 2 years and 16 days old, my boy knows the difference between come and go. When he sees me and runs towards me, he would say, 'Mummy I come already!' and when he walks away from me, he actually says, 'Mummy I go already!'.

We were taken aback.

I looked at my hubby in shocked, and asked my parents who taught him that. Nobody knew.

We were so impressed.


And the sentence for today is 'I dunno' with vigourous movement of the head from side to side, even to things he does know, which he says with laughter in his eyes and a big wide smile. He sure knows how to joke.

That's my cute boy.

I love him so.

He can sing:
Twinkle twinkle litle star
Jack and Jill
Mary has a little lamb
This old man (incomplete)
Motorcycle song
London bridge

His current favourite is Jack and Jill. I wasn't fast enough to record him on my hp. Will try again next time!

In other news, my hubby fried my HDD. 200G worth of data. 10 years worth of treasure. All burned. Sob sob sob.

What a bad Xmas.


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