Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thirty plus and counting

Dressing in the thirties can be quite daunting. Yesterday I walked around town looking at the current fashion, while waiting for Min to turn up for dinner. The clothes seemed to be catered more for teens and the old boring working folks. What about stylish thirtish young adults? And to add on to the insult, most of the stuffs are winter wear, so dull and no-no. Hmm. It's no wonder Wen has turned to K-fashion, although I haven't seen her as of late, so I've no idea how K-fashionable she is, although her stories in her blog brings imagination to rot.

She is years too late in K-fashion though. I myself owned a couple of Korean stuffs - dresses no less, once upon a time when one of my current ex-colleague introduced me to this quaint little shop which sells Korean fashion. Not the teenage Lucky Plaza type, nope. And I don't even wear them often. I'm not sure how the K-fashion has become right now though, but the way Wen writes in her blog, it seems that they are more suited for young punks than thirty-something stylish adults. Heh.

So I walked around feeling a bit down, and empty-handed, till I decided to visit the French boutique. And spent an unbelivable amount for a pair of super short shorts. Winter fashion has no shorts elsewhere, can you blame me for needing a pair of super short shorts right now?

That's the danger of waiting too long for a friend to turn up for dinner. Heh heh. And hey, the black T was so cute ...

And not to mention, I spent a bomb on my rebonding again. Maybe next time I just need to go elsewhere. I might want to highlight this time, except it's so hard to maintain colour, especially when the colour fades, it looks really awful. I'm still in the super-straight look and will wait out one more year before I'll try anything different.

Besides it's been a long time since I pampered myself. It's just so depressing if one doesn't go out and doll oneself up now and then. My boy loves my new nail polish. He said,'So nice! So pretty! What is it?' Yep, he really said that. And last night when he saw me with my new hairstyle, he did a double take, thinking that I was someone else. Hahahaha.

Anyway, today I've finally threw in the towel and called for help. We'll be getting a maid. I'm sick of cleaning the house. The current part-time cleaner is not doing a good job.

Man, I'm going to be very broke.

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