Monday, November 05, 2007

My boy and his lamboghini

This picture speaks a million words. So there I was, vacuuming the floor, because I just couldn't wait one more day for my maid to come. And my boy got all excited and wanted to sit on the new car! Oh, he knew that it was the vacuum cleaner. He said so himself, then he laughed and said he wanted to sit on the car.

And when I turned it on to clean the floor, he kept yelling, Mummy! On! On! On! On! After a while, it didn't take a genius to realise that he really meant to switch it off, because he didn't like the noise. Then again, when it was off, he yelled, Mummy! On! On! On! On! Did he really know what he wants?

Now my boy says words like. Why? Why? Why? and Because Because Because. He's still asking What's that? But it's been peppered with Why. On top of that, he's really good at telling stories. He would say, in his oh so serious voice, that he just didn't want to touch the elephant.

Mummy: Did you like the elephants?
Son: I just dunwan to touch the elephant. *sob sob tone*

Yeah, we went to Bintan again. This time the resort hotel wasn't so great. I told hubby that he should just be assertive and ask for the best hotel. *bleah* We went for the elephant show, and baby freaked out when he was brought near the elephants. He screamed in terror. *rolls eyes* We fed the elephants bananas, and baby was so unhappy. We sat on the elephant knee to take a picture and he had tears running down his cheeks. Okay, so when the ordeal finally ended, and I asked him if he liked the elephants, that was what my cute little boy said.


How to be like a man eh?

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