Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Out comes the mountain lizard

Imagine this scenario.

A huge light-browish grey reptile crawled out from its dank dark hole in the ground under a rock. The sun up ahead was hot and glares accusingly. Gingerly, it popped its head out. Blink *flash fat yellow diamond* blink *flash fat yellow diamond*, its big round eyes went. It looked right. It looked left. Blink *flash fat yellow diamond* blink *flash fat yellow diamond*, its big round eyes went.

That. Describes my dear hubby perfectly.

Heh heh heh.

Whenever we have to drive to town, that is how he feels like to me.

And the other day we drove down to Shenton. Was I so underdressed in my three-quarters and Burkies! And yes, I was carrying the street directory too. We missed a turn somewhere, went round a block once (fortunately) and I managed to direct hubby to where he was supposed to go. He'll be totally lost I'm sure! At least me, the geography student can read maps. :P The wonton noodles was great though. And food always taste good when two people are snatching for it. Don't believe me? Go ahead and try it! Snatch food with your partner I mean, and the wonton mee too.

So we laugh at the owlet twins, but I got a sneaky feeling we aren't too unlike them. But definitely better. Definitely. At least hubby dresses much neater, and I don't dress too badly too, I hope. hahahaa. Definitely not over-sized T-shirts. :P Those two are definitely from another world, though they are really nice people. But it really feels strange talking to them. Serious.

And we passed by the big construction site where the IR is being built, and this time hubby laughed at me and my wide-eyed blink *flash fat yellow diamond* blink *flash fat yellow diamond* look. Wah, the whole landscape is totally changed. Cold it feels. New it feels. Reeks of money too. Are they doing a drive-in for cars up in the ferris wheel or what? New money. Corrupt money. Paper money. Whatever. Money makes the world go round. Doubt it's going to be a place for poor plebians like us.

Found some kakis at work who speaks same language as I. Quite nice actually. To be able to discuss somewhat. And quietly we share and exchange. Stories and gossips.

Ohhh, my boy understands the word 'exchange' too. You want him to give you something he has in his hands, never snatch it from him. Tell him exchange, and he'll gladly give it up. And wait for something better. :)

On a side-note, I'm not sure if this will betray confidentially, tell me if it does and I'll remove it. I laughed my head off the other day, just because the poor chap came out with his ear stud on back-to-front in a strange position in the ear, and when asked about it, was told that the young man was shown if it was ok like this and he said sure, you'd know best. So there you go. And I laughed and laughed and laughed and said that no wonder he looked amiss, and that you don't show your butt to the world like that. Poor guy, his friends are all going to laugh at him. He was young and some girls might find him cute, and sincere and he went specially to withdraw crisp new notes for it. Okie, so I exaggerate somewhat, but I just couldn't stop laughing. Please help me.

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