Monday, August 27, 2007

I am feeling fat. And lazy.

I read that Wen was complaining about her sagging boobs. Maaann, what can be worse? I'm fat. My boobs are sagging too. Arrgh, and the worst is, sometimes one is bigger than the other. Arrrgh.

I think it is more than two months since I last went for yoga. It's lots of ice-cream and junk food lately. Sigh. When one hits the big three, there is no more turning back. The fats just creep up quietly and sticks there for a long time. Yucks.

I really need to do something healthy. See my tummy? Someone actually thought I was having another baby. *sniff*

Breathe in deeply .... hold ....

Life was a bit depressing lately because of all the hoohah over a certain matter. I was quite disappointed. Really really quite disappointed. If you'd ask me, I'd be very happy to pay for it, if I can get the most up-to-date ones as well as good quality of course. Monopoly is just tyranny. In this day and age too. Can't we just have a peaceful hobby?

Anyway, I'm still feeling a little blue over the whole matter. Where's my psp? How else can I destress? Maybe can grab PM out one of these days and blade with her. She asked me but how can I with my boy? *sigh*

Speaking of which, I signed my boy up for this most atrociously expensive enrichment class. After speaking to a neighbour who mentioned something about dunnodunnowhat school, dear hubby and I popped down to have a look, and somehow got persuaded into paying over a thousand dollars for a twelve hour lesson. Hmm, I'm still feeling a bit surreal over this thing. What right-brain training? Don't really need actually, but I guess I was just feeling a little bit guilty for not spending enough quality time with my boy. He is growing up so fast, and I don't know how to teach him, how to play with him etc. I think I lack the patience, and I just let him play with all those toy cars. *sigh* Sometimes it's so hard to be a mother. Well, hopefully this money will be well-spent because I get to learn alongside him. :)

The other reason being I think my poor boy is feeling very lonely and doesn't know how to socalise with other kids. Hopefully this will let him mix around more with kids his age. When he sees other kids, he becomes so shy and twiddles his thumbs. Poor him, no cousins to play with. Or little kids. The neighbour girl is a bit violent. My poor baby got smacked on his head when he refused to return her her toy car. He was shocked and cried a bit. But after she got canned by her mom for doing that, he pitied her and quickly returned her her toys. Later when I asked him if he still wanted to go over to play with her, he said 'dunwan!'. Whoops. :P Then again, he doesn't want to share his toys with her when she comes over too. haha. Kids are so funny.

Ohh ... something to look forward to ... hop hop :) Lunch with Min. :) Dim sum. yum yum. :)

Anyway, I figured that I haven't been going for yoga, so that saves quite a lot of money. All the exercise I get is from carrying my boy up and down the stairs, and I didn't manage to get a slot for the bobbi brown make-up workshop. Wen didn't ask me to go with her. *sniff* *sniff* :( So that is some money saved. Not that I've been saving a lot. Just been spending on different things. *bleah* There's just so much things for a girl to buy!

Have been watching some rented dvds with hubby. He borrowed three over the weekend. The first was something called The Last Dance (I think), the second was 300 and the third was some Japanese movie.

Hubby was quite impressed with the first one and he told me it was some award-winning show. I wasn't very impressed at all, especially when I saw that it was a 'raintree' production. I raised my eyebrow. Isn't that local? It's not that I have anything against local production, but I mean, how impressed can you be? In the middle of the movie, hubby asked me, 'Are you being tortured yet?'. I can't agree more. Oh man ... it was the worst movie I've every caught in my entire life! I thought it was some exciting Hongkong flick, got HK actors what, but the entire plot was sooooo lame. It was like trying to be some momento-wanna-be (but failed miserably), some matrix-wanna-be (but failed miserably too). I mean the still shots are ok-nice, but for goodness heavens, it's a movie, not some photoshots. Arrgh. And it is just simply so unreal. Spore is too clean. Too too too too damn clean. It send shivers down my spine. Maybe Stephen King can do a horror show, those fouth-dimension thingy, where the whole world is seen through filtered lens. And the story seemed to be written by some nine year old school kid. Well, that was what hubby said, and I damn well agree. Pretty arty farty with a big F. For failure. Actress is ugly. The HK actors with their dubbed voice grated on my nerves. The only redeemable feature is the chemistry between the two vetern HK actors, the police captain and the assasin. There is absolutely no chemistry between the lead actor and actress. And the little girl. Arrgh, can't they choose some cute girl? And what's with that one quick shot of some half naked old man with guitar and prostitute with nipple-piercing in S&M style? So absolutely unneccessary. It's not even a redeeemable feature. Maybe they thought it was so bad already that might help? Gross.

300 wasn't that great either. Lots of half naked men with rippling muscles, not bad actually, but close to 30 men rather than 300, and what's with that smooth black tight underwear? And another arty farty show. Rolls eyes.

Baby's awake. More critisism if I ever got time again.

Finally one little thing that really make me really warm and fuzzy and proud of my dear hubby. He's in the news. In a good way. *beamz*

And that is the only incentive that makes us go out to get a copy of the newspaper. Heh.

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