Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Destination - Banyan Tree

The whole place is beautiful, especially when you have a whole villa with a private pool and an outdoor jacuzzi.

The view is absolutely fabulous, the company is great, and the food is pretty good. Sort of. Unfortunately we didn't have time to get out and sample the kelong seafood. Sis-in-law said that they have changed the chef so the food is much better. I can't imagine how horrible it must be previously. So much of a super-high class resort, if the food isn't too good, it just isn't that good.

When we got there, all of us got down to the beach to get dirty. Well, sandy. The kids ran around and tried to make sandcastle but the sand was too wet to stick. I brought baby down and tried to get him onto the sand. He didn't like the sand very much. When he got sand on his feet, he said, 'Mummy, feet got something!!!'

Here is me trying to put him down onto the beach, there he is gripping very tightly onto me with his hands and feet. No way is my little boy going to have sand on him. How fastidious can he be?

On the second day, we sneak out to have a nice massage. Hmm ... I think I must have become extremely spoilt. Thought the massage was only so so. Ex too. After that, we went to play in the mud. Not too sure what the vehicle was called, you know those four wheeler buggy or something where you drive through some muddy trek. Hubby said, 'Think of them as horses with wheels.' And in the middle of the forest trek, it rained big cats and dogs and we were soaked to the skin. I've never felt so cold in my entire life or so wet! Not to mention, the manaic hubby was driving at full speed through puddles of water, thus splashing mud and water onto me. At least the muddy water was warm compared to the rainwater!

We had to turn back when the vehicles started to have engine trouble. There were five vehicles all together. And we also had a entrouge of engineers on bikes with us to lead the way as well as to start our engines when we stalled. Which was pretty often when it started raining. On the way back to the starting point, the kids stopped and with their mother, they all ran into the sea. To wash off the mud. What the hell. Hubby and I threw down our helmuts and joined them as well. They were screaming at us 'The sea is warm!' Anything was better than being cold and shivering to the skin eh? And we were all in T-shirts and shorts. Only my sister-in-law was smart enough to have her swimming-wear under her clothes. Duh.

So we rode up and down the beach for a while, in the rain, which had become a drizzle, and when we finally reached the starting point, the sun came out and smiled at us. Duh duh duh. What a mean weather! One of the kids exclaimed. Indeed. So the nine of us came back dripping wet and mud. It was fortunate we didn't bring our boy along. I can imagine him turning up his nose at all the mud and water! He didn't want to hug me when he saw me dripping wet! Tsk tsk.

It was too soon when we had to go back. There was water-skiing and more stuffs which the boys arrange. They sure know how to play. It's pretty fun when there are lots of people I guess. If it's just us, we probably wouldn't do all these things. My poor baby. When he grows up would he still have his cousins to play with? They'd be all big and maybe boring. :P

I guess baby enjoyed himself in his own way. Here he is, playing hide-and-seek and catch and eating fries. :)

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