Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Part Two

Okay, so the clothes are up. I've got a sneaky bad feeling about tomorrow, but let's not think about it right now. There's nothing I can do about it now anyway.

Min's vouchers bought me two more cookbooks. Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries, and Donna Hay's Classics 2. I'm always a sucker for Donna Hay's books. Her pictures are beautiful, although the instructions aren't always a hundred percent clear. But then again, I never follow instructions to the dot. Furthermore, if I were to compare with Nigel Slater's book, gosh, some of his instructions are even worse! Like how long am I supposed to leave it in the oven for? What in the world is *blank*? Hey, where's the recipe for this one side dish etc. Still, it was pretty fun to read. It's a different style of a cookbook all together. Very refreshing!

My birthday book present from Wen: Shunju New Japanese Cuisine, is a bit more complicated. It has those kind of very beautiful pictures, really mouth-watering stuffs, which looks really difficult to make. They're those kind of stuffs which you'd really like someone else to cook for you. But it's really nice to look at the pictures and drool drool drool drool. :) Well, maybe I might try the oxtail hotpot. I feel like making oxtail one of these days!

All together I have now ... wow. More than 20 cookbooks! Including bake books. Waah. :) My collection is coming along nicely. I wonder how many books does Wen have? :P

Am going to try making pancakes. Bought some ingredients and some utensils. Heh, it's always nice to buy new toys. :) Am looking out for a simple hand-held mixer. I remembered mixing some dough manually and being extremely tired after that.

Holidays are coming to an end, it's kinda depressing to think about it. I haven't really got a chance to cook something really different and special and nice or bake something yet. *sigh* It's quite difficult when my boy is into this super clinging stage. Plus he's only eighteen months and yet undergoing the terrible twos stage already. I can write a whole chapter about his naughiness. But, mothers are always terribly proud of their babies, and we are terribly proud of him because he's starting to speak in sentences. :)

Like: Ah gong sweeps floor. Lenny wears hat. Papa drives car.

And he can use many different words to express the same meaning. His favourite meaning now being:
No. No no no no. No need. Mai. Bu Yao. Dun want. Plus vigourous shaking of his head, and sometimes hands as well.

To chocolates, it's always a nod of his head.

Did I mention that he can say 'McDonald'? Especially whenever we pass by the McDonald's place (and I think whenever he sees that clown, whatisname). Can we send him to earn some money for us as their poster boy?


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