Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My yellow lamborghini, revenge of the cow and all things domestic

Over the last week, a stamp of approval was given to get a new expensive vacuum cleaner. Ohh, just because it was the colour of one of his favourite cars. The infamous yellow. Yep, even my little boy likes it too, and quickly sat on it while I was playing with the controls. My boy didn't quite go vrooom, but he helped me with the vacuum for a while until his arms got tired. Metal tubes this time, not plastic. And it's so quiet.

Five minutes in all to vacuum the carpet. The old one kept dying on me which I think because the bagless bag needs emptying. So it got overheated. Heh. That was supposed to be the hubby's job. Anyway, my part-time maid was on leave, and a couple of times of using the old vacuum cleaner drove me nuts. I'm a happy vacuumer now. :)

Will continue to vacuum the floor during weekdays. Hey, it suddenly became fun!

I've also got my lovely table-top electric grill plus hot pot. Can only do one thing at one time though, but who cares eh? So I went and buy the corn-fed beef especially for grilling. And we had grilled beef plus pork (because I didn't realised the packet contained pork as well, kinda felt cheated really!) for dinner tonight. Plus special lemon dipping sauce, from my Japanese recipe book. Oh ... the beef was mouth-watering. Even writing it here now makes my mouth water.

After dinner, I realised the drawback of grilling in the dining room. The whole house is oily. Arrgh.

So it took half an hour to mop the floor, wash the dishes and mop the floor again.

Arrgh, I just remembered I haven't hang up the clothes! Arrgh.

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