Saturday, June 23, 2007

Life is tough

There, I've finally done it. Fell asleep at the wheel and kissed someone's butt. There was just a slight scratch on my number plate, but boy oh boy, the lady's fender was totally bumped. Plus she bumped into the car in front as well. Hmmm. *sigh* I guess I'm just too tired and stressed nowadays.

Baby is really very very tiring. I need to stop pandering to his whims. Really stop. Harden my heart and let him cry. I need my life back. I need to have time for myself and stop running around like a headless chicken. I need to stop. Period.

Bad stuffs aside. On my last day of my holidays, before all the horrid meetings (which took up two days of my holidays), I invited PM over my place to do some baking. She was supposed to come at 10am in the morning for my pancakes breakfast, but I'm sure you can guess what time she arrived (finally). Almost 1pm. Oh well.

Anyway, breakfast was pancakes which I made for dear hubby.

Hmm, does it look good? I didn't quite drown it in the maple syrup because hubby didn't like it too sweet. But it tasted pretty good. I cooked more for my neighbours and for PM when she arrived. Baby took a couple of bites from hubby before refusing. He always refuse food from me out of some principle only he knows.

Lunch was more japanese udon with PM, after which we baked apple crumble again. PM made my crumble too hard and we ran out of flour, but I substituted with a little self-raising flour and crossed our fingers hoping it'll work. It turned out pretty good I must say, except the crumble wasn't as crumbly as I had hoped. My boss liked my crumble too. I hope he'll give me a raise next year. But then if he does, it'll be hard for me to leave. *sigh*

Do I really want to stop work? Baby dearest is the one who'll suffer. Poor baby.

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