Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Much ado about nothing

I haven't been able to log in to blogger recently, I think there's a problem with netscape. Now with IE, everything seems to be smooth going. But somehow something is irritating me. Using this verison of IE. Maybe I should upgrade to the latest version. Hmm. The alternative is to login via someone else's page. Hmm ... anyway, no worries, here I am.

If I could have written something a couple of days back, the title of my post would be 'The things that made me angry'. Oh, I had a whole list of things that made me angry. So angry in fact, that it's not going to be good for my health. Venting it out might be good, but writing it down may not always be a good idea, since it serves as a reminder how angry one can get. So perhaps it was a good thing I did not write them down after all.

Then again, I'm still angry because I couldn't quite vent them all out. The next best thing is to indulge in guilt-laden shopping spree. Yep, Tods sale is around the corner. I shall have my shopping therapy. Paid up my credit card bills in anticipation of spending big money. hahha. There's a feeling of recklessness. One bag and at least two pairs of shoes. How's that to soothe my anger?

Of course all the money I spend will be from my own account. Here's to pay-raise and some bonus. I think there is some bonus, isn't there?

Anyway, I just came back from visiting my Granny in Malaysia. It was a short trip of two days and nights. In future, I must remember that my aunt has very low taste. Of course she meant well, but her idea of an excellent hotel and an excellent breakfast fell short of our expectations. One look at the place instantly placed it to at most two stars. I rolled my eyes and muttered under my breath to hubby who rolled his eyes at me. Hey, and it wasn't cheap for a two star hotel too. Grrr. I mean, I don't mind if I've to stay in a two star hotel, but I don't expect to pay so much for that sort of place! I'd rather spend slightly more and have at least a four star resort. Grr. Next time I shall book online myself. The other place wasn't too bad. It was new if nothing else. New places are always nice. Until it gets old.

Grandma is stil very strong, if not a little forgetful and blur. Baby allowed himself to be held for a short while. On the second visit, he pointedly decided that pretty girls are much preferred over old ladies. He played with his little aunties so delightfully, and had so much fun being the center of attraction with my cousins aged twelve and below. He obviously didn't care who were the ones giving him angpows. Nope, not interested right now, except for pretty girls who swoon and held his hands. Lady killer, him. No, make that pretty ladies only. heh.

My poor dear came back with a fever, a bad cough and runny nose. It's been almost a week, and he's still coughing away, with lots of phelgm too. It breaks one heart to hear him cough like that, plus wheezing away when the phelgm blocks his airways and he coughs till he throws up. It is the nights that are bad. Moreover, giving him his medicine is also a nightmare. One look at the bottle and he starts crying. The teaspoon comes out and he starts struggling. And flailing his little fists. We had no choice but to syringe it, hold him down, and force feed him. And he's smart, he wouldn't swallow and goes phuuuutt and onto our face and hair and clothes. Or he'll just use his fingers and dig all out. So we have to grip him tightly, and pour it down his throat. It just make it worse, for he cried and cried and cried and eventually he threw up everything. Last night he seemed to be better. Last night I tried giving him his medicine with a bit of a bribe. One hand holding chocolates, he nodded his head decisively. The other hand with the medicine bottle, he shook his head and cried. Oh he knew what he wanted definitely. So I tried a sleight of hand, but it could only work once. I finally resorted to putting the chocolate (a smear of it) at the tip of the spoon and poured the medicine into the rest of the spoon. He saw, he knew and he grumbled. And still grumbling, he conceded. I guess he agreed to compromise.

So today for the whole day he seemed to be much better and I missed his medicine all together. It's stressful for both him and myself when giving him medicine. Sometimes I really feel like a single mother. Alas, he seemed to be worse tonight, and a few mintues ago, we fed him his cough syrup and phelgm medicine again. I hope he'll be okay for the rest of the night.

The other thing which irritates me is some inane remark made by someone at work. A couple of weeks back. One's special profession doesn't make one a god. Ask me if you want to know what inane remark that person make. I'm just grouchy, because baby is still sick, and I missed yoga on Monday.

My cleaning lady will not be around for the whole month. I just scrubbed my yard three days ago, and it's cleaner than ever she could clean. This morning I tidied up my little terrace garden. The plants are growing nicely. Hubby sees me watering the plants and commented that the poor plants undergo draughts and floods. I think I shall pour some bleach on the floor on Friday. My vacuum cleaner works for about ten minutes before it dies everytime. I think the bagless idiot needs to be cleaned. But I'm allergic to dust, so I shall get a new vacuum cleaner instead. It's someone else's job to clear out the dust in the vacuum cleaner, but that is never going to happen. I shall get a better cleaner. Besides the dust and hair always get stuck in the duster (or whatever you call that thingy). Yep, certainly due for a new vacuum cleaner. :)

Other wants: a hotplate grill and steamboat. I've spied a tiger. I thought of getting one of those electronic rice cooker, but the sales lady said it takes like 45 minutes to cook rice. Hello?! Forty-five? You gotta be joking. I'll save my money then. Must get a new hood. Actually I'd like to change my whole kitchen. But that's another story for another time. Have been slowly putting things away too. The house looks just slightly neater now. Just ever so slightly. It's still too messy really. I'd like to visit Ikea too before the holidays end, but the next week seems to be looming up fast, and next week equals no more holidays.

One last thing. The use of the miso paste I bought in the last post was a failure. Must. read. recipe. again. and. carefully. too.

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