Sunday, May 27, 2007

Play. Start.

Blogger login seems to have a bit of a problem. Everytime it kicks me out of my browser when I tries to login. Have resorted to some tricks to get in. *sigh*

It's been a busy and tiring period of time. I'm really glad it's holidays now, although my first week is so burnt. Nevertheless, it'll be nice to be able to spend more time with my baby dearest. He's growing up so fast and oh-so-cute. He talks a lot sometimes, and has a really cute sense of humour. He'll do things like pretend to give you something, then take his hand back and chuckles. Or he'll hide behind me and do peek-a-boo at his daddy. And he'll hug and kiss you when you ask him to. The kisses come with a big smacking sound too. :)

Dearest baby my big boy is now fast asleep though.

The Great Sale has started, but I don't really have anything I wanted to buy. Thought of getting some nice kitchen stuffs, but don't really feel like buying anything especially when it's so crowded. I hate crowded places. Perhaps get some nice storage stuffs to make the house look neater and nicer, but lazy to go shop actually. This year, I've decided I'll save my money and wait for Tods sale. It's time again to get a new Tods bag and maybe even shoes. Heh heh. I spied a white Tods bag. Hmmm .... Then again, usually I'll end up not using them because they're just too damn heavy.

A friend called asking to catch up for my birthday. That day is long past, and somehow it just didn't feel very sincere in asking me out. Seems like she was more interested in telling me someone had a girlfriend. I wonder if she was disappointed that it was not her being the girlfriend. I used to tease her about him, but she always adamently insisted that she wasn't interested. So why is she still so interested in his love life? Am I missing something here?

My birthday itself was quite disappointing. Nothing much happened, and to make things worse, my phone broke into two parts on the day itself. I was one week without phone then. Somehow some things seemed rather forced. The birthday cake didn't arrive in time, only one week later, and three hours late. Still, it was a lovely birthday cake, and I left one bite-size in the fridge which I consumed five days later, and boy, that really tasted good. Baby dearest celebrated my birthday with me, and looking at the photos, one wonders whose birthday exactly it was. I bet six more months later, he'll be all ready to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. I haven't really bought anythine really nice for myself this time. Perhaps something T might be nice. I've spent a bomb on my face care, and don't really feel like buying anything else. But face care doesn't really count as birthday presents right? *bleah*
Yep, something T might be nice, but $900 for a piece of silver is just too steep. Silver oxidises too fast. I wonder how Wen can stand it. So we'll wait for the Tods sale. Yep yep.

On animes. Ouran High School Host Club is such a kick. I wondered why I thought it wasn't nice at all last time. I laughed and laughed. My cheeks felt rather tired after that. The rest are still on a weekly basis. Dennou Coil is really really interesting. It reminds me of Studio Ghibi's type of animes.

Other news, just bought a packet of miso paste. Time to try out some new recipes! :)

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