Saturday, March 03, 2007

Just another day

Dear baby is now finally asleep, and I've finally got some time to myself. That is to do my own things. For myself. That is, to blog.

Otherwise I've been busy with housechores, work and hubby's work. Sometimes I do feel a little resentful that I've become expected to help him. Maybe it's me who can't say no, maybe that's what love is. But it gets a little tiring if when one helps yet gets criticised because of upspoken expectations and standards.

Like yesterday was a pretty bad day. I drove hubby to work, and got criticised for my bad driving, like tending to keep more left than right in the lane, accelerating when car in front isn't, and god knows what. I guess it's a bad habit of mine to always tend to be a little to the left, but you know what Professor Calculus in TinTin always say? A little to the left, that's what he'll say. I know what I'm doing, and I'm not going to get into any accidents, yet. And if he's in a bad mood, he doesn't have to take it out on me on my driving!

And another thing being later at night, when I was trying to help him do more filings, and overshot his closing time. Well, he could just have easily told me nicely to stop, and help me put everything back. After all, those were all his stuffs. Grrr. The last time it happened I swore I won't help him again, yet there I was, doing stuffs for him again. Maybe I should just stay away from his workplace totally huh.

Of course the last thing which pretty pisses me off is his webpage. Next time I'll just keep my big mouth shut and never never offer anymore help. As it is, I've offered to do something about it later today. But right now, I'm really really super unmotivated at all.

Oh yes, I have lots of complains today, but I shall not say anymore, else Wen will definitely criticise me too. :P

Anyway, Tuesday I finally went back to yoga. General class. Perhaps Viv isn't doing really tough stuffs after all. After almost a year of no yoga, the class really didn't feel too bad! :) Yayayayay! Must continue to go for yoga! I really need more motivation!!

I hope baby sleeps a bit longer this time. Because I've been feeling pretty down in the dumps lately, I've been indulging in much shopping. Now gotta keep the spoils and check the receipts. Arrgh, just how much did I spend this time? *covers eyes*

And after I've done that, I hope I'll have time left to watch my animes. *sigh*

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