Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Friends Forever

So we had another dinner gathering to see Lin off. I was so busy, I didn't have time to shop for something nice for her as a farewell gift. I was hoping to get a nice book for her to write her diary and stories, maybe I'll go look for one sometime and send it to her via airmail one of those days. Time flies so fast. I didn't have time to shop for something nice for Wen either. She's only interested in Tiffany, unfortunately they're so ex, I can't even afford them for myself! *sniff* Still thinking if I should get that pretty charm bracelet, but it's silver, it oxidises. *sniff* I quite like to spend time to go shopping for nice stuffs for my friends, unless you know explicitly what they like, otherwise I have always hoped that things I give my friends are nice surprises, and they're like and treasure them.

So Lin will be flying off to Berlin and staying there for three years. I wonder if I could ever have the time to go visit her there. I remember when she was studying in UK, I told her that I'd like to go visit her, but it never materialise. Now with a hubby and kid, dreams to travel and explore becomes even slimmer.

All my girlfriends are workaholics. Yep. PM was late for two hours, and she sure looked so haggard. She told us some interesting stuffs, and it just reinforces the fact that the world is changing so fast. In the past, when you're angry and frustrated with something, you tell your friends or write in your diary and that's it. Blogging online doesn't help. People will find out who you are. Especially if you're stupid/naive? enough to put some specific names and use strong language. There's no privacy in blogs. Blogs are not diaries. Never will be.

And I wonder what the person is thinking. Or maybe that's what young people do nowadays. When they're unhappy, they'll blog about it all without thinking that other people might read it and it'll get back to them. It sucks, but it's like that. So be really careful what you're writing online. If you want to vent, vent it with a friend, or write, but not post online. Or better still, what happen to the good old days where you make a voodoo doll and stick pins into it? Hmm, I'm watching too much GH. heh heh.

So saying, there's also not much for me to blog about. Maybe I'll write fanfics instead. :)

And come to think of it, I've been writing quite a lot of complainy stuffs in my blog again. haha. I guess it's good to vent, perhaps I should put in more happy stuffs here.

But I'm really not unhappy. There are a lot of things to be happy about!

Tell you next time. :)

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