Saturday, March 03, 2007

Big words

One of baby's first three-syllabic word was umbrella.

Hubby's friends came over for dinner the other night. They didn't believe us when we mentioned it off-hand, when they asked if he was starting to speak. So we prompted him to say umbrella. At first, Len was quite reluctant to be our pet monkey, then hubby took out said object and showed it to our baby. It was one of those full size ones. Baby delightedly grabbed the umbrella and started yelling uuuummmm-brreeeeee-lllllaaaaah! And then there was no stopping him for the rest of the night, well at least until we took the umbrella away from him. :)

Baby is also starting to say words like dangerous, it sounds more like janjanrous, and he's finally learnt to say ah-gong, which comes out more like ah-geng. Ah well, but the strange thing is that he seldom uses mono-syllabic words, I guess he prefers big two and three syllabic words. We'll be teaching him more bombastic words then. :P

Baby also loves rolling his tongue and going brrrruuuummmm when he sees a motorbike. He'll go MMmmmmmmmmm when he sees a car. And he's also very interested in bicycles. We're thinking of getting him one, a tricycle. Time for him to learn to fall! Haha.

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