Saturday, February 10, 2007

A series of events

Over the past few weeks, there were many birthdays to celebrate and many outings/gatherings to attend. I met up with Min for her birthday, then met up with Min and PM again to celebrate Min's birthday, then met up with Min, PM, YS and Lin to celebrate Min's birthday again plus farewelll party for Lin. Then I met up with Wen for her birthday, and also met up with Xel also for her birthday.

So I'm quite broke. But that didn't stop me from spending money. Haha. I'm hoping to buy a new camera, a small one which I can carry around, not like the one my hubby got, the PowerShot. I wished I had a camera when I went out with all my friends, but no way am I going to lug along a big camera (plus a big baby!)

This is one pic taken when I met up with Min and PM. We had dim sum lunch at this place at the International Building. I like their special har gua very much! Baby loves PM very much too, as she was feeding him quite a lot of dim sum from her plate! tsk tsk. And to think that I've actually fed him before we went out! One big bowl of porriage!

Baby loves pushing his stroller around like using it as a walker, and he sure walks around and around the whole place, chuckling happily everytime. And he sure likes to be photographed by Min! Someone is definitely one big happy baby that day!

Dinner with Wen was at this Jap place next to the Crazy Horse. Never even heard of the Crazy Horse, and suddenly everyone starts talking about it! I always go by that place, but never knew the existance. I guess even adverse promotion is good promotion. Anyway dinner was at Kura no Naka. The food was excellent. We shared a set of three types of appetisers, a tofu mentai, one hamachi kama, one yasai tempura and each of us had an onigiri, Wen had ume and I had mentai. There was raw squid in the appeitisers and after one mouth, Wen admitted defeat, so I had them all to myself. Haha. If you don't mind slimy stuffs, they're actually quite nice. The place is pretty dark, and you get authentic Japanese ladies serving you. It has a nice clubby feeling, and is probably a pub later on at night, in line with the Clarke Quay atmosphere. Not bad, can go again. Too bad no photos.

That day I dropped baby dearest with my parents. They were at the family place (Tampopo) in the next building. We always go there almost every weekend. I picked Wen up from her place, and baby was with me in the car. He cried all the way to our destination. After dinner, I collected baby from my parents, and sent Wen back. Dearest cry-baby cried all the way back too. Even with Wen carrying him, he cried and cried and tried climbing on my lap. There was even a period of time that he sat on my lap with his head on my chest while I drove. And he was so happy and quiet and hiccupped a bit. TOo dangerous though, I was seriously sweating, and had to return him to Wen and he screamed even louder after that. All the way back to Wen's place. *sigh* I think he needs spanking.

In other news, baby was kissed by the little girl next door. Awww. He looked a bit stunned after that. Heh heh. He also got a bit braver, and is able to stand by himself now. He is also able to take a few steps by himself, just that he's still to scared to do so, and he'll always end up squatting when he wants to start moving. Otherwise, most of the time he uses just about anything as his walker.

Baby now climbs up the stairs very fast and without supervision. However he still dares not go down the stairs himself. He'll look at me from the railings and whine and whine and whine until I go up to get him. Otherwise when I'm upstairs and he's downstairs, he'll make his way quickly up to look for me. We have gotten a gate but it's not fixed yet. :P

Yesterday I was able to get off work earlier, and I rushed home to do housework. It just never ends, you know. All those clothes and dust. I even managed to cook a nice dinner for hubby and myself, since baby was still at his granny's place.

Yep, dinner was pork-ribs cooked in my own creation. I looked through some of my cookbooks, and whipped up something myself. Why pork-ribs? They were sitting in my freezer since dunno when. Usually I made pork-ribs with soup, but hubby doesn't really like them that way. So this time, I cooked it with salted black beans, and baked them in the oven. The oranges were just an inspiration, because there were lots of oranges in my frige (and some of them might be already rotten, don't ask, I haven't really looked), so I thought to put in a couple, for taste and for appearance. I know the picture doesn't look that pretty, by the time dinner was ready, I was too hungry to re-arrange everything and take nice photos. But it tasted pretty good! yay! :)

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