Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Underestimate not the little one

So you would think that at a tender age of 13 months, he'll not be able to tell the difference.

I took the one on the right away from his gubby fingers, distracted him a little, and passed him back the one on the left. He screamed bloody murder. Oh yes, he protested and threw the controller onto the floor and SULKed at me. Oh yes, that is my little cutie pie at a tender age of 13 months.

Even my mom couldn't tell the difference between both controllers as she was always trying to use the one on the left to change channels on the TV and failed miserably of course. How could my little one know which was which. Hey, I even held the left controller in my hands for not-very-short time and pointed it towards the TV in front of him. Oh nooo, he was still not tricked. He knew the one on the right changes channels on TV, and he'll hold it in his hand, and points it to the TV and happily change channels for me. And when given the other one, he'll get angry and throw it onto the floor.

My dear little cutie pie, really cannot underestimate him!

I missed him so. Tonight he's spending his night at his grandparent's place and the whole house is so quiet without him. I really miss him. Was supposed to have dinner with some friends but it was cancelled, so I'm all alone at home. Have washed the clothes, hope that there'll be some sun tomorrow. Am supposed to catch up with the ironing, but I'm stuck ... watching animes. :P

I missed my little boy annoying me when I'm watching my animes. I missed my little boy when he'll crawl to me and tug at my legs wanting to see what I'm doing just out of his reach. He's always curious, more curious than anything and wants to know what is happening around him. I missed carrying him in my arms. Going to be a long day tomorrow. Else I could go see him immediately after work. *sigh*

Am still coughing. Can I call in sick? :X

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