Thursday, January 18, 2007


My darling little boy is no longer a baby. His molars are coming out. These past two nights he has been having extremely high fever. My parents drove him back on Tuesday night to return him to me. These past two nights I have not been having enough sleep. Last night his fever hit a high of 39.6 degrees. My dear boy doesn't appreciate sponging. When I left the wet cloth on his forehead he snatched it away irritatingly. Tsk tsk tsk.

I was supposed to keep an eye out for his fever, but I kept dozing off. That's why his fever went up so much. :( We woke up to give him his medicine and I stayed awake to continue sponging and comfort/feed him. I dozed off with my head on his forehead, and I could feel the heat. I even went down to the kitchen to get some ice to sponge him, then I realised that I was only dreaming. That was such a vivid dream. Strange how one subconscious can do. I didn't get any ice eventually, but hubby said the trick was to keep wiping him down so that the water evaporates off him, thus cooling him down. Poor hubby, unlike me, he couldn't take a day off to rest.

I hope baby's fever will settle. I hope he would not be feverish again. Nights are the worrying part cos that's when the fever really goes very high. Right now he's sleeping soundly, last medication was in the evening, and still no sign of any fever. *crosses finger*

Babies are such delicate creatures. If there is no one to take care of them, how will they ever survive?

So baby and I spent quality time together today. I brought him down to see the birds and cats in the morning, and tried to get him to have his morning nap. It's difficult to cook while carrying him, and he kept fussing when I put him down. Yet thank goodness, I managed to cook my lunch. :) Lunch was more claypot udon. I have given up making a different set of lunch for my boy. I gave him some of the udon plus the cod fish which was actually for him. My mother buys expensive fish for my dear boy. :P I forgot to put in my mushroom though. :(

My father came over in the evening, and I managed to cook dinner. So quickly a day flies by. Where got time to do any other thing? Am still waiting for the next episode of Ghost Hunt, but it seems the server is down. *sigh*

Over at my parents' estate, my mom told me that their management wanted to get rid of the stray cats roaming around the estate. They put out food laced with poison but the cats were too smart to eat the food. Unfortunately, someone caught the mother cat and bashed her in. The cleaning lady told her, she said. Whacked the head till she died. It made my blood boil when I heard that. I'm not sure how accurate this account is, but if it's true, who should I report this murder to? The police? SPCA? Cat welfare? I told my mother to confirm with the cleaning lady if she actually saw that happening, and to note down when it happened, and if she knew who did it. I am definitely going to make a complaint. If they can do it to the mother cat, her two babies are just waiting to be done in by that person. What a horrible thing to do. Nowadays the two poor kittens are mewing away looking for their mother. What a horrible thing to do. I hope the person who did that evil thing will rot in hell.

I would understand if the management need to control the population of the cats, but they should just call in either the SPCA or the cat welfare to settle the matter professionally and humanely. Either that or let the cat be steralised. If the account is true, I hope that person who killed the cat will not get away with the murder. The cats were always around and they're very nice cats. Besides cats keep rats away. The people in the estate who complained about the cats should also rot in hell. For over twenty years there were never any such complains. Must be some new residents. I wonder ...

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