Sunday, January 14, 2007

Much ado about nothing

It's a quiet day today. Feels so peaceful. Too quiet in fact. What has happened?

*looks around*

*gets up and walks around*

Oh, the little terror is sleeping like an angel. So sweetly. Wait, did he just twitched? Shhhhh, let's tiptoe back to our room. Let sleeping lions lie.

Baby dearest was extremely clingy, fussy and annoying the whole morning. I had to carry him while I prepared lunch, and he refused to sit on his baby chair all the way during lunch. No wonder my arms ached. Lunch was a delicious Nabeyaki udon. Yay, I finally cooked my own hotpot udon. It tasted really nice and hot and just lovely for a cold day plus I'm down with cold too. Couldn't be bothered to cook porriage for baby so he shared my udon (with extra fish). I guess it's ok for baby to be eating udon right?

Hmm ...

Baby dearest doesn't like his own baby food. I think I've mentioned this many times. So nowadays he likes eating sushi (but of course I only give him the cooked stuffs), and rice and fish (it's so much easier to feed him) and bread and biscuits. Baby dearest certainly has expensive taste! You should see his mouth opening big big when we give him 'adult' food. He's not tricked too. He can see very well what is in the spoon (or in the hand/ most of the times in the chopsticks actually) and he'll grab the hand with the 'real' food while pushing away your hand with his 'baby' food with his other hand. Something new? He'll stick out his tongue to 'taste' the food first before opening his diamond-clad mouth. I wave white flag.

It's so hard to take care of my big baby. Two weeks into work, and work is so much more relaxing. There is also a guilty feeling one tries to ignore, when one places baby dearest over at mom's place for the night. That makes two nights in a week. Not really missing him for the first night, but rather so for the second time. And have been spending long hours at work, if not helping the dear hubby. Oh, the wonders of not having to feed baby solids. Or to change his diapers, or bathe him. Suddenly life goes back to normal - the pre-baby time, except for that niggling guilty feeling!

It's so hard to be a mother, and a working mother at that.

What should one do for dinner tonight? The plan was to go down to parent's place for dinner, but it's still raining, and one is feeling very lazy. And one's butt is stuck to the chair.

Whoops ... was that a wail from the sleeping cat?

. . .

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