Friday, January 05, 2007

This little pig went to the zoo

I realised that it really takes a long time for everyone to be ready and out of the house. By the time we reached the zoo, it was just nice for lunch. Baby dearest didn't want his own baby food of course, and he indulged in junk food too. Baby is getting really a handful to take care. He is. very. naughty. Very. Very. Naughty.

So we saw lots of animals, and strange creatures. There were these ...

and these ...

And I think baby likes the fishes.

Of course there were the normal giraffes and elephants, lions and tigers and monkeys. And the poor polar bear.

It was so warm. The so-called air-conditioning they were blowing over the polar bear was like ... lukewarm. Poor polar bears. They definitely looked like they're suffering.

Anyway, by the end of the trip, baby dearest was sleeping like one of those pigs above. Overall, I think the zoo is a nice place to go with kids, but I wouldn't really want to go to the zoo. First of all, it's really too damn hot. Secondly, the place is really small. The enclosure for each animal is really really small. I remember the wildlife place I went in Oz. This one cannot compare. All the animals seem so caged in. The poor leopard had OCD. She was going round and round and round in circles. So did one of those mountain cats. I would too, if I had to endure such small cages. Poor animals. The zoo doesn't give one a nice feeling at all. I think I hate it.

Maybe we'll bring baby to one if we ever to Oz again. :)

This little pig had roast beef

More of my cooking. Still trying to achieve that elusive donobe gohan. :) Still this was nice, but I think the plum sake was just a little too sweet, and too like a cough mixture. Mom said it was good, which prompted me to buy, but I think I was tricked. I'd rather stick to the normal sake, thank you very much!

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