Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2007

Definitely not a good start to a new year. Maybe I should go and see a fengshui master. Yep, caught the very cute Leong ChaoWei and dunnowhatsthenamebutlooksfamiliaractress on TV about fengshui and all that stuffs.

Anyway, to cut the long story short. Baby 1. Parents 0.

Poor baby cried for one hour. Cheeks full of tears. Hairless head full of sweat. Chin - quavering. Lips - extreme down. Eyes - swollen. Hiccups and all the works. It was heartwrenching.

All it takes was five minutes. And he was all smiles again. Happy, bubbly, cheerful, grinning self. And he looked at us in the eye and wagged his finger at us and told us, 'Don't you understand Daddy Mummy? That was all I wanted!' Of course it came out as babblebabblebabbleDADAMAMAbabblebabblebabble plus finger wagging.

Hubby was too tired to walk the mile with him. It was too painful for me to hold him and watch him cry. And when he started looking and pawing and I had to say cannot, no more, he understood, he stopped, and he looked at me sooo sadly and cried and cried and cried buckets. I can't do this thing alone. But hubby couldn't help. So we're back to square one.

Forty dollars down the drain. When I saw the cost of the two tiny pills, I called PM and practically shrieked down the phone at her. So bloody expensive?!?!!?! The two bloody tiny pills was 1333 times more expensive then gold. Ok.


So I'm back to ice-compresses, and antibiotics and hopefully no more need of fever medication. High fever for three days is no joke. High fever with chills for three days is no joke. High fever with chills, headache and pain is really no joke. Spoilt the last of my holidays completely. I took so many paracetemols that by 6pm, I finished the maximum of eight. Fortunately nowadays there are other types of medicine and hubby passed me bifen (yep, in syrup - the ones for kids, orange flavoured - 3rd tablespoon gave me a sorethroat :P). I took three tablespoons (because hubby insisted that one tablespoon is 5ml - but I didn't pour each tablespoon full) and felt pretty strange in the middle of the night. Humf.


Back to square one. Everything else is moot. I think I messed up my antibiotics taking time. *sigh*

So in order to cheer myself up for such a rotten week, when I didn't have fever this morning (all other symtomes were still there), and I thought I was going to stop forever, I went to do my hair in preparation for the new year.

Heh ... finally rebonded my hair!! :)

And I got a really really strange fringe.

My hairdresser was telling me that she just came back from London and learnt a few stuffs. Would I like to try blah blah blah ... because it's the in thing now and also since everyone else here is blah blah blah, this would be pretty cool and nice? And I thought why not since 1. I've been stressed, and 2. my brain is scrambled from all that pain and fever and drugs. So ziap ziap ziap she cuts and now I got a really really strange fringe which makes people turn their heads to take a second look. hahaha.

It's just .... .


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